Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer can be easily detected in the early stages by a test called ‘Pap test’. Most kinds of cervical cancer are caused by a virus known as Human Papilloma virus or HPV. There are many types of HPV. However every kind does not result in cervical cancer. The symptoms of cervical cancer are irregular bleeding and the definitive time span of regular menstrual cycle, pain in the lower abdomen, and pain during sexual relations and abnormal vaginal discharge.  Bleeding after sex may not much serious, it can also indicate the presence of cervical cancer.  Treatment that includes surgeries and chemotherapies are successful in treating cervical cancer in the initial stages. Surgeries such as hysterectomy, brachytherapy, trachelectomy, removal of pelvic lymph nodes with or without removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes, chemotherapy and radiations helps in treating cervical cancer.

Signs and Symptoms

Causes- HPV, Smoking, OCP and Multiple Pregnancies

  • Diagnosis-Biopsy, Precancerous lesions, Staging
  • Prevention- Screening, barrier protection and vaccination

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